“Just go with it”

“Just go with it”

Jump into the pages of this inspiring book to uncover a wealth of wisdom, personal anecdotes, and actionable insights that guide both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders on their path to success.

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Chapel Hill Buyer

Accurate insight into the life of an entrepreneur

An honest, revealing look at the life of an entrepreneur. So often entrepreneurs don’t discuss the hard parts of their journeys. This book celebrates that acknowledging the challenges and the fears makes us (and our teams) stronger.

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Couldn't put it down!!!

Mandy's story will resonate, educate and inspire. If you are thinking of starting a business, this is a must-read. For even seasoned entrepreneurs, this book is chock-full of learning presented through excellent storytelling.

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Sandra Buffett

Intelligent, Driven, heartfelt and fully vulnerable entrepreneurial experience share!

Each chapter was a lesson with a great story but also some detailed gifts that provided much needed encouragement and guidance. I have been an entrepreneur for several decades and reading this book felt as powerful and encouraging as spending a day at a retreat with a business coach. Mandy's ability to share with vulnerability and kindness and at the same time give enough detail to equip you with exactly how to phrase a difficult decision is priceless. Highly recommend both entrepreneurs and those that support and 'tolerate' us read this book. I have ordered a supply to provide to my friends both as a gift to them and to help them see the 'other side'!

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Belinda Mulford

Excellent for Entrepreneurs!

Great insight for any entrepreneur, would recommend for any business owner or want to be business owner. Excellent read!

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This is a must read

I really enjoyed reading this book a lot. The writer is very clear and on point with her information. It was not confusing at all and kept my interest. This is one book that is realistic and doable considering our economy. This is one book that I will be rereading.

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Maria de los Reyes

Recommended read!

Easy to read, insightful yet personal. Mandy is an inspiring entrepreneur who has shared her highs and lows in running a successful business through her book. Highly recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea and drive to see it through!

The Entrepreneurial Journey Unveiled

Embark on a liberating journey as Mandy Gilbert, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker, shares her compelling narrative.

In "Just Go With It," she offers a candid portrayal of the entrepreneurial experience, addressing the very reasons that propel individuals to start their own ventures.

Whether you're dissatisfied with the corporate world, seeking a better way of doing things, or craving a more fulfilling work culture, this book speaks directly to you.

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Balancing Act: Navigating Business and Personal Life

Mandy Gilbert's commitment to full disclosure brings a refreshing honesty to "Just Go With It."

This book goes beyond success stories and delves into the heart of entrepreneurship—striking a delicate balance between professional growth and personal well-being.

Learn how to manage your business endeavors, develop your team, and ensure a thriving bottom line, all while prioritizing self-care and a fulfilling personal life.

Unveiling the Adventure: Entrepreneurship's Unpredictable Path

To Mandy Gilbert, entrepreneurship is an exciting and worthwhile adventure, even if the road is far from linear. "Just Go With It" provides a roadmap for navigating the twists and turns that every entrepreneur faces.

Gain insights into the hard-earned lessons and valuable experiences that have shaped Mandy's journey and can help you shape your own.

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Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Just Go With It is more than a book—it's a mentor, a guide, and an invaluable resource for anyone daring to embark on the exhilarating adventure of entrepreneurship.

Order your copy today, and let Mandy Gilbert's wisdom illuminate your path to success.

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